Chicken Jerky Anyone?

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So I was looking for things I could eat while trying to stay away from junk food and carbs (whole blood sugar thing, ya know?) I’m eating cheese, nuts and meats. Of course lots of fresh veggies too, but I was looking for another way to snack and I thought of jerky. Specifically, could I make chicken jerky and yes, yes you can!

So I started with some of my boneless skinless breasts and sliced it about 1/4 of an inch thick.  It’s easier to slice if the breast meat is partially frozen. The meat stays firm and doesn’t wiggle around so much.


Then I put it all in a bowl and cover it with the marinade.  What marinade? Well, I was looking for one that didn’t have anything artificial in it and this is what I found:
And as Jules says, “Easy DIY homemade chicken jerky, made in a dehydrator — loved by people and dogs alike.”  Yep. I can agree.


So anyway, I covered it with the marinade and let it marinate for about 20 minutes. Then I placed it on the racks, put them in the dehydrator and turned it on.  I left mine overnight and the next day, wahlah! Jerky!

Now the only problem I have is keeping it around. Seriously! It seems to be eaten about as fast as I can make it.  I even sent about 1.5 lbs back to college with my son. He ate it – all – on the 3 hour train ride back.  So much for snacks for him for the week. Guess I need to send him a care package…


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  1. MJB says:

    Love it! That’s awesome. I want some. Well, at least to try, one piece, pretty please 🙂

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