Want to reach me?

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The best way to reach me? Well, I do most of my communicating through Facebook via Andreas Homestead:

Andreas Homestead

You can always message me there. If you prefer, leave me a message here too.

More options for reaching me are coming soon.

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  1. Carol says:

    I’m interested in a heritage turkey for three people this thanksgiving. If not heritage what other turkey breeds do you raise? I live in Chapel Hill and would be interested in picking up a turkey. Please let me know how to purchase. Thank you.

    • Lynn@AndreasHomestead.com says:

      Hi Carol,

      I’m sorry, but this year we did not raise any heritage turkeys, only broad breasted whites. What I still have available at this point is 18+ lb turkeys. That’s probably quite a bit larger than you need.

  2. gillis says:

    do u sell fresh chicken eggs? If so how much a dozen? Also can I pick them up? Where are u located?
    I am intrested in 3 dozen. I arrived in NC Wednesday morning from NJ.

    • Lynn@AndreasHomestead.com says:

      I hope you got my email response. I do sell fresh chicken and duck eggs. Please reach out to me again if you are still interested.

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