Orange and Rosemary Jelly Chicken

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Orange and Rosemary Jelly Chicken. What? That doesn’t sound good? Well, I’m sorry to say, you are mistaken because it is delicious!

We started with 2 bone in chicken breasts, salted and peppered to taste and put them on the grill, bone side down. We grilled until they were mostly done on that side.  (OK, so I’m not the grillmeister and the bottom got a little toasty. Remember to use that meat thermometer!) img_1346While they were cooking, we warmed 2 tablespoons of the Orange and Rosemary Jelly from Piemonte Farm with a little butter to make a glaze. Add a little fresh or dried rosemary if you really love rosemary. Once the chicken was mostly cooked, we glazed the top and flipped the chicken over and let it cook. Then we glazed the bottom and flipped it back over to let the jelly warm and lightly caramelize. We glazed the top again before taking the chicken off the grill.

If you used boneless, skinless breasts try glazing at the beginning and cooking low and slow. You don’t want to burn the glaze but you don’t want to dry out the breast either. And while we used Piemonte’s Orange and Rosemary Jelly, it’s local and it’s delicious, I suspect you could use any jelly you feel would compliment the chicken.

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  1. Dorothy North says:

    Where can I buy orange and rosemary jelly?

    My supplier in the Lake District is no longer operating.

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